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For one to have the sort of staggering, decades-spanning productivity enjoyed by Woody Allen, one also has to accept a corresponding range in quality. And to be sure, Allen has had his fair share of […]

The Hidden (1987) is a tough film for me to review objectively. I sought it out right after I discovered David Lynch’s bizarre masterpiece, Twin Peaks, a show I have loved since I was a young […]

The Way West, a sweeping 1967 Western directed by Andrew V. McLaglen and produced by Harold Hecht, has a lot working in its favor: stars, scenery, a spacious story, and a stirring sense of pioneering […]

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Few filmmakers have career codas more disheartening than Claude Autant-Lara. Though dismissed by members of the French New Wave as part of the artistically sterile “tradition of quality” that supposedly plagued the French film industry […]

Howard Hawks supposedly bet Ernest Hemingway that he could make a good movie out of the author’s worst book. That book, it was decided, was Hemingway’s 1937 novel, “To Have and Have Not.” And the […]

Vivesectioning the Vulgarities of VITAPHONE VARIETIES May 10, 2018 0

In the early 20th century, during a time when talking pictures were considered a novelty at best, Warner Bros. Studios bought the exclusive rights to a system of synchronized audio and visual recording created by […]

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“You’re Welcome Here Anytime” – Remembering Robert Osborne by Jill Blake in Featured 5

by Jill Blake, Senior Editor Five years ago this May, I had the honor of sitting in on one of Robert Osborne’s shoots for TCM. I had recently attended a screening of Seven Brides for [...]
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  • 52 years ago today, on a frigid February afternoon, The Beatles played their first ever concert in the United States at the Washington D.C. Coliseum, to a sold out audience. The energy of that performance is as riveting [...]
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  • Today is James Maitland Stewart’s birthday, and in case you didn’t know, the Retro Set is a huge Stewart fan. (Don’t believe us? Check out his tag.) And in celebration of the birthday boy (it’s his 107th), [...]
  • [dropcap size=small]I[/dropcap]f you could pick two of your favorite characters from one of your favorite movies, and give them a spin-off, who would you pick? It’s a downright delicious thought, eh? Oftentimes, the best thing about [...]
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